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Originally Posted by BroncoInferno View Post
The refs cost us the game. Period. Don't give me that "it went both ways" crap. It did not. The Ravens are not in position to win the game without those egregious errors that lead directly to unearned, underserved points. The missed PI call on the pick six alone probably made the difference. I'm sick of people trying to bail out the refs by saying "well, you have to overcome that and we should have won anyway." Bull. The Ravens shouldn't have been in position to win and didn't deserve to win. The refs handed it to them.
Nothing truer has been spoken. It was a plain and simple screw job and every bad call they made Balt capitalized on. So Balt does deserve some credit as those were huge momentum swings.

So, when you factor in all the stuff the players and coaches screwed up and the screw job by the refs, yet we were still so close to winning is really saying something. I told my cousing when it was 28-28 if the Broncs managed to win they were going to win the SB without doubt. Everything went wrong (althought some things went right, Holliday) yet we were still so close. If they could have just got thru what was a very bizarre game there was no stopping them after that.
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