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Hemanuel Sandrs

Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
But you have to admit, the odds of driving ~30 yards into FG range are considerably higher than driving 80 yards for a TD. Particularly when you factor in time and time outs. A punt in the Pittsburgh game probably gives the Steelers a high probability of tying the game, so Denver needed to try to convert. A punt in the Ravens game gave Denver a very high probability of winning, so no need to try to convert with a pass.
That is probably true. As i said, we could've thrown a safe pass and let a guy like DT make a play, stay in bounds and then either move to 4th down or move the chains and take the diamon formation. We could've STILL had the option of making them drive 80 yards for a TD. I trust Manning not to *cough* throw an INT in that situation, and if there's nothing there/no one open, he can always go down and we STILL can put 'em in the 80 yard drive scenario.
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