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Originally Posted by Smiling Assassin27 View Post
A fg ties it, just like a td ties it saturday. Kordell had thrown 3 INT's that day, so had they punted it away it was no given that the steelers would've scored. the ravens needed a td to tie. if they have an extra 25 seconds or so (assuming we do not convert and the clock stops, which wouldn't necessarily be the case since a wr screen wit wr staying in bounds would leave the clock running), maybe they have to run more plays. we'll never know, it's just a philosophical difference, i guess.

one play is all you need to win. some look at it as an opportunity, and others look at it as a chance to get the pressure off you and onto someone else (your defense).
Bolded for truth. Why is this even debated. You go down swinging. Instead, all Balt needed was one play to tie and they made it happen.
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