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Originally Posted by spdirty View Post
After effectively costing us the season, and destroying everything that team and coaching staff worked so hard all year for.

He is despised by at least 90% of the fanbase. Probably worse than McDaniels.

What do you think the coaches think about him?

What do you think the players think of him?

Where is his head right now? I saw a poster say he was in a restaurant yesterday staring into outer space just zoned out.

Even if he comes back to be the next Ed Reed, he will NEVER live this down here. 20 years from now people will remember this and remember his name with disgust. Perry and Lilly haven't lived down their **** ups for ****s sakes. And Lilly was 26 years ago, Perry 16.

I just don't know how you can justify bringing him back after this.
Absolutey you bring him back!!!!!!!!!! The very fact that he cares tells me he is worth bringing back. I hate it when the Broncos give up on young players too soon and they go to other teams and have success.

Moore made a mistake, the good news is he should have the opportunities to make up for this mistake by playing more games for the Broncos in the future.
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