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Hemanuel Sandrs

Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
But how similar? What was the score? Would a FG have tied it or won it for Pittsburgh in your scenario? If yes, the there is no comparison here. Denver had to convert to have a good chance to win that game. In the Ravens game, they just had to use clock and kick away to a team with no time outs and very little time to go 80 yards and score a TD.
A fg ties it, just like a td ties it saturday. Kordell had thrown 3 INT's that day, so had they punted it away it was no given that the steelers would've scored. the ravens needed a td to tie. if they have an extra 25 seconds or so (assuming we do not convert and the clock stops, which wouldn't necessarily be the case since a wr screen wit wr staying in bounds would leave the clock running), maybe they have to run more plays. we'll never know, it's just a philosophical difference, i guess.

one play is all you need to win. some look at it as an opportunity, and others look at it as a chance to get the pressure off you and onto someone else (your defense).
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