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Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
So, if you had a ~97% chance to win $1,000,000 you'd take a gamble on a much lower percentage play?
WTF are you talking about? Throwing on 3rd as opposed to running now means we lose? What does your 97% look like with and extra 30 seconds? Probably still pretty high.

Neither does throwing automatically mean an incomplete pass. Something high percentage could have been called ensuring the clock continued to run. A sack would also have been acceptable.

The question is, where were the percentages higher at gaining a first down? Throwing or running? The goal, the mentality should have been gaining one more first down and ending the game in teh VICTORY formation.

I disagreed with it at the time and I disagree now more so than ever so its not hindsight. It was flat out loser football and disgusts me.

This was the exact situation of why we got Manning and are paying him $20m. If he audibled to this then we are suredly f'ed for the foreseeable future and should disappoint all.
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