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Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
Lonestar I didn't call you that rather I quoted that as something you would say. When I did those numbers again I was using my iPhone and didn't see where you could find the bonus money, and then DB4L enlightened us, otherwise they would have been pretty spot on.

And then Bacchus and Req both posted that article that said we have $18 million in cap room going into next season, with 35 signed players. That's without any cuts or reworked deals. Signing our rookie class of 7 players is no more than a $7million cap hit.

Then Req was showing some moves that would free up some money, DJ, Mays and others..
The front office could approach Doom, Bailey, Kuper.. Others

Peyton has taken less in the past.

How do you expect to improve, just draftees? There will be some money spent on Free Agency.
Everything everyone else said was in post 97 in this thread and was reported from your thread several weeks ago. they posted Nothing new that had not been posted in my post.

As far as building via the draft. Even I'm not the dumb to think they will fill 18+ spots with seven draft spots. which someone in another thread pointed out should be somewhere between 3.5-5 million not the 7 I used quoting your original post in that thread.

We are going to have to come up with money just to be able to sign those 18 more like 25 guys to get us through the season considering we have 7+ players on IR each year.

Your idea about asking vets to resign is something that got mikey into to trouble cap wise during most of his time in Denver. I'm not sure that John is going to walk down Mikey's path, for that matter not sure that Pat will allow it either.

It makes more sense to cut aging vets and eat their prorated bonus and fill those spots with younger less costly players.

As for manning timing less, do you really think that he is going to give up money from a contract he just did less than a year ago?

Since none of us have all the facts, I will continue to ask where are we going to get the money to sign those 18-25 player to fill the roster.

LET ALONE go after a bunch of super studs.
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