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So why even have a coaching staff? If we are just playing the percentages then get 4 math wizards in a room with a phone and have them tell Manning what the next play call is. The beauty of having a competent front staff is making adjustments and getting a sense of whats going on in the game. This game had all the makings of an upset, our D was garbage all night, and we had a chance to ice it. We need to play to win, not to play to percentages.

At the end of the day, who's hands do you want the game to rest in? Your HOF QB, or our young secondary who was getting owned all game long?
If we didn't have Manning and perhaps Romo, I'd agree with the run.. but when you have the best intermediate passer in the league, man, its hard not to lean on he guy.....

There are just times in sports when you have to dip deep in the gut and put the game away.... I don't really care about the 97% chance of winning at that point, all I know now we played the numbers with a HOF QB at the helm and lost to a team we should have handled.
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