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Originally Posted by Smiling Assassin27 View Post
I would put the ball in the hands of my best player and throw it.


Bill Bellichick

p.s. My guy would make that play with skill guys half as good as Peyton's, would yours?

Do you play to win, or do you play the percentages, that is the question...

With my Defense giving up big plays, with no pass rush and some young guys in the secondary, I would have put the ball in Manning's hands and let he and Stockley have a chance to ice that b****.....

I don't know, my backs are down and out, I let Manning put the game on his shoulders..

I don't think Fox was wrong with the call, its all relative, but like you said, BB I have to think throws a pass and stomps on the opposing teams nads... but then again, maybe thats why BB and Brady will be playing in New Orleans most likely, and hositing another big silver trophy...
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