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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by go_broncos View Post
This loss will never be forgotten if you are bronco fan.
All the good things that happened for the last 3 months is past..
This season is failure and i will never forgive what fox and manning did.
They should know better that it's not a good idea to give chance to other team especially with the way our defense is playing.

I feel depressed when i think that Fox will be the coach again next year.
We're all disappointed and down about it but if you are blaming Manning for 'what he did' you're barking up a very wrong tree my friend!

The 6th quarter INT was his only honesty unforced mistake of the game! Sure it came at a bad time but Manning had already ' Manned up' with 3 great TD passes and had brought us a win in regulation until other members of the team ... Namely Fox and Moore screwed the pooch and set the stage for us losing.

The first INT was a perfectly thrown ball to Decker and the mugging he got before tge ball got there should have given us a first and 10 with an extra 15 yards tacked on! ... His Fumble as well was in the act of throwing and was indeed a Tuck rule call and SHOULD have remained our ball until these replacement refs decided to unilaterally rewrite the Tuck Rule!!

Neither of those was on Manning...yes after more than 5 full quarters in near 0 temps Manning threw a ball he shouldn't have when Stokley suddenly cut off his designed route and cut across the filed horizontally .. It was a fast reaction by Manning seeing a quick opening and trying to make a key play to help get us in FG range and avoid giving the ball back to Ravens. It didn't work out and that late in the game throwing across his body he just didn't get enough on that ball to get it there before the defender did!

But if you blame the game loss on that one throw you should get in the long line of early mistakes by the broncos players and coaches as well as the officiating injustice before even thinking the name Manning in the blame column!! We wouldn't have been within a hundred mikes of that divisional game without Manning and he did everything he had to to win that game in regulation ... And did so before Foxy and Moore snatched defeat from the jaws of sure victory!

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