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Originally Posted by LetsGoBroncos View Post
I literally posted the same exact things with the same exact commentary in another thread on Saturday after the game. You are correct in your analysis of all of these. The refs aren't the only reason we lost but they were part of it. The PI call on Carter and the no PI call on Decker are the ones that erk me the most. Call ticky tack on us which leads to 7-7 instead of maybe 10-0 or 14-0, and then no call on Decker. So instead of up 10 or 14 we are down 7. Either a 17 or 21 point swing. You can't call touchy stuff one way and not the other.

The Boldin catch hit the ground, and even if they say it didn't he didn't have possession until he was out of bounds.
Yeah, I'm not one to criticize about the refs unless it's justified, but when people at work this morning are calling it an obvious screw job, it led me to make a thread. The Broncos outside of the return games definitely did enough to lose the game on their own.
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