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Hemanuel Sandrs

I agree with the OP, to an extent. Peyton had a super year coming off his injury and took Denver to a fine season. He had played well on saturday but was clearly not the same guy in the 4th quarter and beyond. The INT in OT was a cardinal sin and requires more recognition of the game situation. It was 2nd down, as i recall, and heaving it out of bounds is all everyone around us in their seats were yelling. That just can't happen. But saying he's a washout, etc., is to fail to understand where we were and what adding him did for the team.

Still, we brought Peyton here to win a super bowl, plain and simple. he's not just starting where he was also brought to indy to resurrect a franchise and city. hell, he was a main reason they got a new building and superbowl there. here, his ONE job is to win a super bowl. so in that respect, this season=fail for peyton. still, with a full offseason to work more on football and not rehab, i think they'll be back strong. now it's up to elway to fill in some holes (damn, doug martin would've looked good in denver).
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