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Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
Good thread, mostly agree. Just a few comments.

On 3, I think maybe Miller was in the neutral zone but would like to see the replay again.
On 5, I agree it wasn't a catch but since so close and the call on the field was a catch it was hard to overturn.
On the practice field goal, I read yesterday that in this situation refs are supposed to stop it but there is no penalty for this.

Also, someone remind me, I recall a defender leg whipping/tripping DT on a play and there was no call but I don't recall the exact situation. I just recall being annoyed, which explains how I felt for much of the game.
We didn't get to see the replay on Miller (of course), but he appeared to time the snap about as well as you could time it.

I was going to mention the DT play, but I think he got away with a push off which may have gotten himself a little off balance to begin with. I wasn't too pissy about that play.
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