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Originally Posted by SonOfLe-loLang View Post

But i just feel the need.

I've never seen a fanbase turn on its best player so quickly. Obviously this doesn't go for all of you, but a lot are placing the blame on Manning and I have no clue why.

Yes, he wasn't perfect yesterday. Far from it. But, as ive said a bunch, he had a 100 rating going into that last Raven drive. He lead a beautiful drive to put us up 35-28. And, again, the Broncos win chances were 97.2 percent when Flacco let go of his hail mary or whatever you wanna call it. Again, we lost on a fluke play.

This guy transformed our team into a contender. Had that fluke play not happened, we'd all be talking about Peyton's good, but not perfect game and his gutty performance in some awful conditions (it was beyond cold in that stadium).

But, instead, a lot of you are whining and b****ing, and at least one of you would like to see Brock Osweiler as our QB next year.

Yes, he wasn't PERFECT, but if you're pointing fingers for yesterdays loss, you're gonna need to get to the second hand before you point to Peyton.
Well said! Unfortunately there's a lot of bitter beer face fans here. They are bitter because Shanny got the boot, they are bitter because TT was traded, they are bitter because they are just plane spoiled. It's too bad, but that is what message boards do, they bring out the nasty in people.
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