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Originally Posted by TheElusiveKyleOrton View Post
1. That crew? Never worked a game together before. It was a patchwork crew of refs from all different crews who had not worked together. That's a problem. Just how does this crew get a divisional playoff game?

2. That head ref? The 'star of the show'? He was out of football for 6 years before this season. That's why you've never heard of him. Oh, he also head-reffed the game with the most flags thrown in the NFL this season. How does he get the nod for a divisional playoff game? How?

The problem for me isn't that there were bad calls. There are ALWAYS bad calls. My problem is that the bad calls in this instance, when going against Denver, led DIRECTLY to points for Baltimore. There were two touchdowns scored by the Ravens in the first quarter that would not be on the board if it were not for bad officiating. Period. There's no other way to say it.
Are fuggin serious? Several people I watched the game with who had no ties to either team literally had no idea who he was. Then the same thing was talked about at work this morning. That is horrible by the NFL.

I also agree with the timing of the calls or whatever you want to call them couldn't have been more backbreaking.
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