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Originally Posted by ThirtyDegrees View Post
It is the point.

I'm sick and tired of watching the Peyton defenders exert themselves trying desperately to move the goalposts as far as possible.

He was supposed to make this team a Super Bowl contender, that was the entire argument from the moment you idiots threw Tebow under the bus.

Manning was supposed to turn this team immediately into a Super Bowl threat, and he hasn't.

The reality is that he's incapable of winning a Super Bowl in his current state, he's not as good as Brady, or Rodgers, or even Russell Wilson at this point.

I doubt the Broncos can get a better QB than Manning at this point, but they need to start looking as soon as possible.
He DID make the team a SB contender. He did make it a SB threat.
The fact is no ONE player can win a a SB, it takes a team, offense, defense and Special teams.

And the TEAM lost the game Saturday, due to mistakes on every phase (but special teams returns). Blame it on Manning if you want, but there were failures on the coaching, Offensive line ( and thus QB pressures and failed run game) , defensive line ( no pressure on Flacco) and secondary that endedup costing us the game. The team was not prepared to face an opponent that would hang with us score for score ( whether or not they should have) and folded when the pressure got too high.

Manning elevated the play of almost every part of the team up until Saturday, and ( assuming he maintains his dedication and desire to play) will continue to, next year.

It was a disappointing end, to a year that had high hopes and expectations after the team got rolling, but almost nobody expected us to get to 13-3 and HFA when the preseason ended. The team overachieved almost all year, and it caught up to them in the end.

I agree that getting to, and winning a super bowl, with Manning, is the mark that this team needs to be measured against. Elway put all his eggs in that basket, and right or wrong, failure to do so will ultimately be a failure. But doing so in the first year would have been unexpected, no matter how much of a blown opportunity it ended up being.

Elway now needs to get the rest of the pieces we need to accomplish the goal. Get a Big Beasting RB that can move the chains . Fix the middle of the O-line. Get a big penetrating DT to assist the pass rush and secure the secondary by improving there ( Champ to safety, New CB, legitimate MLB).
Get a deep threat, and slot WR). Get rid of the weak part of the coaching ( McCoy...please go elsewhere).

It is Elways job to get us there by putting pieces in place. No one thought we would get there this year, BEFORE the year. The window has NOT closed.
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