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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by Traveler View Post
You aren't the only one. Lots of blame to go around. Also, people should please stop with all the conspiracy theories about Manning being injured. Denver blew this game! Ravens made plays when they needed tthem.

It's been years since I let myself get caught up like this. Next season, I'll withold my enthusiasm. For all the great things PM accomplished this year, Looking back, Manning does have a pretty horrible post season record. Until he can change that, I refuse to get tricked again.
That's where I'm at. I'll watch, but not with any enthusiasm. Regardless of what this team does next year, I won't trust them not to fold when it really matters. I saw a locker room interview on the local TV with Dreesen who said the Broncos suddenly regressed to playing the way they did early in the season and he couldn't say why. What that tells me is that under pressure, they'll fold.
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