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Originally Posted by WolfpackGuy View Post
A thread may have been done on the topic already, and the Broncos certainly had enough of their own mistakes and stupidity to let the BAL hang around to take advantage, but I and a lot of other people who aren't even Broncos fans just can't get over how lopsided the officiating was Saturday. Who the hell was that referee anyway? None of us had ever seen him! Below is a list of crucial calls/non-calls/bad calls I had a problem with. Feel free to add anything I missed or flame what I listed.

1. Ticky tack interference on Carter on a third down pass that was close to uncatchable to keep the Ratbirds second drive alive after they were pinned deep. DEN was going to get the ball back with great field position and possibly put the game away shortly after. A few plays later, Smith gets behind Bailey for a TD.

2. Ratbirds DB clearly grabs Decker's arm, ball deflects off Decker to Graham. Pick six, Ratbirds. If you're going to call #1, you damn sure better call this one.

3. Offsides call on Miller. They ended up recovering a fumble a few plays later, but he sure as hell wasn't offsides.

4. Holding to negate a third down conversion by Hester. Never, EVER seen this called on a quick hitter. Ratbirds DT was actually falling over and pulled the OL down with him, but this was when the play was basically over. Broncos were putting together a decent drive, and of course the next play on third and long, Manning gets sacked and fumbles leading to a short BAL TD drive.

5. Boldin "catch" on third and long with BAL pinned in DEN territory. I'm sorry, but that ball came out before he established possession. Combined with #6, led to huge swing in field position in early stages of OT.

6. Bailey "interference" call on third down. Really?! Along with #5, allowed the Ratbirds to pin DEN deep.

Honorable mention 1. The BAL tackles and OL did not draw a SINGLE holding call in almost 5 quarters of play against two of the league's best outside pass rushers. Seriously?! I did see Doom get blatantly raped at least twice by McKinnie. See #4.

Honorable mention 2. Tucker being allowed to come out and practice a FG. You're just screwing with me at this point, officials! Again, never, EVER seen this happen.

Kudos to the Ratbirds for taking advantage of every break, and I hope they win next week, but they got A LOT of help this weekend.

To me the Carter PI early was a very bad call for a playoff game. Saw plenty of non call in the other games worst that what Carter was called for
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