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Rod Smith

Originally Posted by Blart View Post
Or am I the only one?

I couldn't bring myself to turn on the games today. I didn't even check scores.

I didn't want to hear about the draft, fantasy football, super bowl predictions, etc, so I've been hanging out with friends who don't like sports. I have zero interest in the championship games, much like the Super Bowl, which I'd definitely write off except that the parties are fun. Maybe I'll go and just talk with the sports-hating spouses.

I was not ready for this season to end. I knew it was a possibility, but just couldn't believe my eyes when that field goal went through.
This loss will never be forgotten if you are bronco fan.
All the good things that happened for the last 3 months is past..
This season is failure and i will never forgive what fox and manning did.
They should know better that it's not a good idea to give chance to other team especially with the way our defense is playing.

I feel depressed when i think that Fox will be the coach again next year.
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