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Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
The cap can be massaged DREK, I would have thought you understood that.. Deals can be reworked, players cut. The cap really isn't as big of a problem as you perceive it. Sure tagging Clady would sting, but I expect a long term deal. I expect cuts, I expect reworked deals.

How do you think the holes on this team will be addressed, the draft alone? There will be free agent signings, not big time splashes, but second tier players for sure.
Who are all these deals that can be reworked?

You make it seem like child's play.

Even if you rework a deal the bonuse money you pay gets prorated into this coming season..

In order to just fill the roster up with bodies 18 of them it is going to eat most if not all your free cap money IF PAT allows them to go all the way to the top of the cap. Something he has not done the past three years.

Plus if they do rework contracts for this year it just adds additional prorated money forthe duration of those contracts thus eating up cap space for as many as five more years. Killing the future. Something "building via the draft" is totally contrary to.

I know you think this is as easy as cutting a couple of guys like my payers and Dj but then there prorated money comes due 1.7 for DJ not sure how much Mayes got when signing.

If you cut DJ you saved 6 mil at most,but then you have to fill anther spot. So maybe you save five mil best case scenario.

I know you think I'm the devil. Because I keep telling you that you do not have all the money you think you do. But those are the facts Jack.
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