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Manning had just as big of a brain fart as Rahim Moore. What was his reason for throwing a very risky, physically difficult pass on 2nd and 6?

Yes, we wouldn't have been 13-3 without him. That is absolutely true. But that last interception was a terrible play, not quite as bad as Moore's play, but pretty bad. In a game with so many mistakes, if one were to single out plays that "lost it" for us, the OT interception would be near the top.

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Manning is a rental QB and a playoff choker. He's on the tail end of his career.

He also proved to me yesterday that he's the perfect match for someone like Fox because he's also a playoff p***Y.

He'll retire as a 1-time Super Bowl winner, with a lot of great statistical records just like Dan Marino. But he will never be a clutch post-season performer in my book. Yesterday proved that to me.

Frankly, I don't care whether Fox called for a run on 3rd and 7 or whether Manning audibled into a run up the gut for zero yards on 3rd and 7. Both of them should be ashamed of themselves.

Manning could have had a Jordanesque moment and used his $90 million arm to propel the Broncos the the Conference Championship game. Instead, he (with the full blessing of Fox, I'm sure) handed the ball off to rookie Ronnie Hillman, the NFL's youngest player, when the season hung in the balance.

No guts, no glory.
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