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TJ Ward

I haven't watched as much film as I have in years past but two guys I like right now are Jonathan Cooper, LG, from UNC & Tyler Eifert, TE, from Notre Dame. Cordarelle Patterson has LEGIT skills at WR but is RAW.

Jonathan Cooper - #64 :
Very athletic for a guard. Great hands. They are like mitts. Good feet. He can pull like a a SOB too. Would fit in great with the offense we run w/ Manning.

Tyler Eifert - #80 :
Big at 6'5", 252, but carries his weight very well. Not afraid of blocking and has ELITE athleticism at the TE spot. Will be a big weapon. Reminds me a lot of Tony Gonzales coming out of Cal.

Cordarelle Patterson - #84 :
He's raw as a WR, but has great size, and great ball carrier vision. In fact, he's got some of the best vision i've seen from a skill position player since Chris Johnson came out. Not the exact same home run speed, but this guy will be a major threat for YAC on the next level. Builds up to his top gear but is jittery and can put the shake on folks. His size makes him a potential impact player on all downs and in the red zone. You can also run reverses with him as well.
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