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Rod Smith

Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
Iirc we only have some 35 players under contract for next year.

A lot of that money will be required to finish out the team. As well as again IIRC about 7 million will be needed on rookie contracts both for the coming year as well as the prorated portion of any signing bonuses.

So that whooping 18 mil will,soon be gone.
48 players currently under contract including some futures deals announced in the last 1-2 weeks

Here's the full cap count roster for 2013 as it stands right now

Peyton Manning $20,000,000* - Not guaranteed until he passes March physical
Brock Osweiler $729,396
Caleb Hanie $1,250,000

Willis McGahee $3,000,000* - SB proration remaining $1m, cut saves $2m
Knowshon Moreno $3,475,750 - SB proration $832k, cut saves $2.6m

Ronnie Hillman $652,708
Jacob Hester $715,000
Mario Fannan $483,333


Demaryius Thomas $2,430,250* - possibly due incentive pay
Eric Decker $758,037* - same as Thomas
Andre Caldwell $1,000,000
Trindon Holiday KR $480,000
Eric Page $480,361
Gerell Robinson $405,000

Joel Dreessen $3,333,333 - $1.667m left in SB proration
Jacob Tamme $3,333,333 - $1.667m left in SB proration

Julius Thomas $651,000
Virgil Green $559,320

Chris Kuper OG $5,915,166 - $950k left in SB proration, cut/trade saves $5m
Orlando Franklin OT $1,191,000
Zane Beadles OG $1,005,000
Manuel Ramirez OG $715,000
JD Walton OC $774,375
Philip Blake OC $593,400
CJ Davis OG $555,000
Justin Boren OG $405,000

Elvis Dumervil DE $16,948,000 - $1.27m left in SB proration - cut/trade saves $15.7m
Derek Wolfe DE/DT $1,193,582
Robert Ayers DE $2,241,250 - All guarantees gone, no SB proration left
Malik Jackson DE $533,400
Jeremy Beal DE $405,000

Sealver Siliga DT $480,000

Von Miller SLB $5,727,376
DJ Williams WLB $7,732,500 - $900k SB proration remains, cut saves $6.8m
Wesley Woodyard WLB $2,000,000
Nate Irving SLB $728,750
Danny Trevathon WLB $506,018

Joe Mays MLB $4,166,667 - $670k still guaranteed, cut saves $3.5m
Steven Johnson MLB $484,000

Champ Bailey $10,500,000 - nothing guaranteed, cut/trade saves $10.5m
Chris Harris $556,000
Omar Bolden $598,607
Coryell Judie $483,333

Mike Adams SS $2,000,000 - Nothing guaranteed, cut saves $2m
Rahim Moore FS $987,500
Quinton Carter SS $668,750


Matt Prater $3,312,500


Trindon Holiday Already Listed

Aaron Brewer $481,333

I have us closer to $17.5m under the cap once we include the $1.5m we're still owed from the Redskins/Cowboys penalties which we chose not to utilise in 2012.

IMHO Elway will be looking hard at the deals bolded above, especially Dumervil's, Champ's, DJ's and Mays. Some creative accounting there could clear another $20m if the Broncos wish to make a real push again next season.

My other worry is performance related pay for some of our 3rd year players, I see major hikes for some of our guys like, Thomas, Decker and Harris which could dimminish the cap room available even more

Our own free agents obviously take priority including

Clady - $10m-$12m range
Colquitt RFA $2m
Vickerson $3m-$5m range
Bannan $2m
Unrein RFA $1.5m
Tony Carter RFA $2m
Stokes $1m
Jason Hunter $1m
Koppen $1m-$2m
Bruton $1m
Leonhard $1m
Brooking $1m

I will update this in a separate thread once the offseason starts kicking off.
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