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Other than Trindon Holliday, it was a team-wide choke job, including the coaching staff. It seemed to me that after that bogus PI call on Carter in the first half, the steam just went out of the team. From that moment on, they were waiting for disaster, instead of fighting for glory. Manning was part of that failure as well, but not all of it, by any means. If I had to say who was number one in the blame column, I would have to say the D, and especially the secondary starring Champ Bailey. What a pathetic performance.

On the other hand, you've got to underscore how important the loss of Moreno was. That was a critical loss to the offense.
We lacked edge on both sides of the ball. But its hard to have an edge with a game plan so conservative it made Ron Paul blush. We kept standing pat waiting for the Ravens to fold. We should've been cranking the pressure.

Both coordinators and Foxy own the lions share of the blame.
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