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No it's many Bronco fans who need to get over themselves. You don't get to discard a guy like garbage after he gives you his all and then turn around and get butthurt because his brother posts some anti-Bronco tweets. The guy and all his family are more than justified in disliking the Broncos. Get over it people.

Oh and just so you know, signing Manning did not mean we had to trade Tebow. I don't know where you people get that idea.
I don't really see how Denver treated him like garbage. He likely wanted to be traded. Denver likely didn't want the distraction that comes with him, nor did they believe he ever would be a QB that could win big.

The Broncos enabled him to be the story of the NFL for a time, and win a playoff game. No other team has given him that chance, nor will likely any again. Some players really appreciated what he brought. Some did not.

His brother has every right to say what he wants and feel the way he does, just like fans of the team have every right to point out the hypocrisy in his statements.
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