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D.J. Williams

Originally Posted by lonestar View Post

Since mikey left PATor JOE has not allowed us to reach the cap.

I'm glad you've finally admitted there are significant budget restrictions being imposed from above which hamper our ability to compete. Elways work is even more impressive in that regard.

Of course you are wrong about the since Mike part. Bowlers cheapness started long before that. I once broke down the year by year spending data. For the 00-09 period we were about 20th in the league in spending. Nor can dead money explain this. If you look at the year by year totals you will find about 2 very big spending years and like 6 or 7 very low years....shouldn't take that long to weed out 2 bad years. Also you will note there was no SF or TEN style cap tidal wave that hit our team. This would be expected if dead money were the main explanation....never happened.

Wonder why the old man is hoarding all that cash? I hope it's more than just Blue Label.
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