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Bmore Manning

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Originally Posted by Drek View Post
He's just telling people the truth.

Clady is looking at a minimum of $9.6M, if we just tag him. He already turned down 5/$50M. So half our free room is going to him. Colquitt and Carter are undrafted RFA's, so basically straight FAs, they won't be stupid cheap (probably $2M for Carter and only a little less for Colquitt). All three of our DTs need new deals.

Sum total this team needs to cut DJ, Mays, etc just to retain it's own, sign draft picks, and pick up a few cheaper vets. That assumes we spend damn near to the cap too.
The cap can be massaged DREK, I would have thought you understood that.. Deals can be reworked, players cut. The cap really isn't as big of a problem as you perceive it. Sure tagging Clady would sting, but I expect a long term deal. I expect cuts, I expect reworked deals.

How do you think the holes on this team will be addressed, the draft alone? There will be free agent signings, not big time splashes, but second tier players for sure.
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