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In a quiet moment outside the Broncos' locker room Sunday, Peyton Manning revealed a peek inside his ever-whirring mind.

Not surprisingly, much of his thoughts were on what he and his Broncos could have done differently to avoid their 38-35, double overtime playoff loss Saturday to Baltimore.

But also true to the Manning mind, the quarterback was buoyed by how the single-digit temperatures that fell upon Sports Authority Field at Mile High enabled him to get a jump on his preparation for the next time he faces such

"That was another good hurdle for me," Manning said in an interview with The Denver Post. "Weather-wise, we had not had anything like that all season. There was some unknown going into that game. You can't simulate it. I tried everything from putting my hand in a freezing tank. But you just can't simulate it.

"Next year, the Super Bowl's in New York. So that was a good hurdle for me to be effective in those type of conditions."

Wait a minute. He put his passing hand in a freeze tank?

Turns out, he can skip the freezer next year. Manning discovered the benefits of wearing a glove on his passing hand this season, which makes him confident the next time the Broncos reach the playoffs and he did make reference to Super Bowl XLVIII at his brother Eli's home Meadowlands Stadium next season he will be ready for the elements.

"I'll tell you, our fans, they were All Pros yesterday," Manning said. "Sticking through that weather. Loud til the end. But no surprise. I always said that about playing here as an opponent that Denver Bronco fans get it. We're disappointed right there with them.

"I assure you, we worked hard and did everything we could. I know everyone would like to do some things different in the game."

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