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Maybe Fox's version of Marty-ball did doom us to failure yesterday. But remember the situation John stepped into 24 months ago: Utter chaos, a team record 12 losses, franchise branded as cheaters, the cupboards bare. What's he gonna do, hire some young firebrand coach from Conference USA who's established a darned good track record? Of course not. You hire stability, you hire NFL experience, NFL success, NFL know-how. You hire John Fox. And it worked pretty damn well until yesterday. (Although I guess Elway offered Harbaugh the job, and he's not unlike my silly example there).

John's management style has been perfect ... casual, no drama, relaxed and informal with the press. So different than Shanahan's tense monotone or Josh's pinhead BMOC attitude (anybody see the clip of stupid Josh on an NFL Network promo this week? f'ing pinhead.) Anyway, I think players and staff respond to his style, it seemed to change the toxic atmosphere right away.

I've said it before, I'll say it again: Still early, but It looks to me like he's an even better GM than he was a quarterback.
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