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Bradley Roby

After locking up Clady and seeing about an early bargain deal on Extending Von until the Earth and Mars switch orbits, we should make damn sure we lock up Speedy Gonzales Holliday for the duration!

That kid held on to the ball, made great decisions yesterday and showed he is really learning in addition to being the single most electric kick returner anywhere right now!

Has there ever been a faster return man in the NFL I doubt it. With continued work in the offseason on making him golden with ball security and knowing just when to run and when to fair catch it, he WILL be a major key to many wins next season.

Will likely find a way to work him in to his share of pass plays as well from Manning.

Two new very solid RBs are a must. Or at least a Terrell Davis, Alfred Morris type pick up to who can also pass protect like a demon for Manning.

Knowshon was an asset when he was healthy, but that is the thing with him. McGahee might serve one more year in a solid backup/short yardage roll, while a beefed up Hillman and a new Star RB dominate the backfield. That is a key missing piece for SB glory and would complete the Superbowl picture that Elway painted in the late 90s .. on offense at least.

A new top Corner to replace Champ while moving him to Safety ( Rahim can back up Champ for a couple years .. Champ might still have one more solid year at CB, the bad first half notwithstanding as even Champ can have bad half every now and then) and a stud inside LB to go in between Woodyard and Miller would go a long way toward further strengthing the D in reality as well as in the stats ..

Also at least one genuine top rated DT in the trenches to line up next to Wolfe with Unrein, Vickerson and Malik Jackson in rotation.. maybe Bannen too for one more year unless we grab someone better in FA? Jason Hunter is likely back too to help compete for a DE spot as well.

Better depth at the last two or three WR spots under a further DT, Decker and Stokely who I expect will be back and ready to play at a high level one last year, will round out our needs nicely.

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