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Originally Posted by elibroncofan View Post
I don't know much about cap figures and all that jazz, but what reason would Bowlen have for staying that far under the cap each year? Why not sign and re-sign guys until we're only 1-2 million under the cap? Is it just him being cheap or what?
As I have stated before mikey drive us max cap every year. And in most he had to re-do contracts each year to get under it.

Each time the players got a nice incentive up front to do so. The following guys did it at least once. John, TD, Rod, Jake (twice or more ).

Each time they did so it just drove the following years (proration of the up front bonus for the length of the contract higher) so he was writing checks on next year or in some cases the next 3-4 years to get under the cap.

Plus mikey signed a lot of veterans rentals that were over paid, played poorly and were cut with time left on their contracts, which then that bonus money went into the dead cap money. IIRC one year it was right at 20 mil in dead money.

Pat is probably trying to recoup some of that money that was wasted and if his coaching staff can win without spending every dime why spend it all?
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