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CJ Anderson

Originally Posted by elibroncofan View Post
would love to see them use some money to sign Welker this offseason. The offense lacks quickness at the receiver position. Stokely has been solid but he'll be 37 next season. A Manning to welker connection would be tough to stop, hopefully he can be acquired for a decent price.
Upgrading speed at the slot would be good.

I think the priority should be RB, MLB, at least one if not 2 Safeties (if they don't move Champ to FS), I would take a DT that can eat 2 blockers, and we need to groom a C.

We don't have a ton of holes to fill, signing Clady should be a priority.

I hope John can use Shanny's methodology to find us a late round RB who is explosive and can help take the heat off Manning.
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