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Rod Smith

Originally Posted by SonOfLe-loLang View Post
I'd buy this more if he had a 40 rating and 5 picks

As i said above, 97.2 chance they win the game until flacco throws that fluke. And I know SoCal doesn't like when i bring up the rating (he's entitled), but he had a hundred rating going into that same drive!! He "can't" play in cold temps? Or he didnt go 27-28 for 5000 yards and 40 tds? You're scapegoating.

Plus, wtf is this dumbass 40 degree stat. Why that arbitrary number. And its an epically low sample size that doesnt include his regular season starts in similar conditions.
I know..the same can be said about Favre and Romo.
Right now, we don't have any other option except giving him couple more years.

Please don't bring regular season stats..To me, he is the best QB during regular season. Once playoff starts, i don't trust him.
Added to that we have conservative coach like Fox..
Elway has to cut Mccoy and get offensive coordinator like Norv.
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