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Originally Posted by winstoncup bronco View Post
No one is taking that approach, and no one is saying Manning is reason #1 we lost. To say, however, that he's one of the last to blame is equally incorrect.

Manning had 3 turnovers - fact

Manning, for whatever reason, never challenged downfield - fact

Manning had two possesions in OT, and barely moved the ball - fact

You keep bragging about this 100 QBR that he may or may not have had in regulation, but on ESPN boxscore, he finished with a QBR of 88. If that is true, what the hell was his passer rating in OT to cause such a huge drop?

Elway earned his rep as winning games he shouldn't have, leading 3 very medicore teams to well above and beyond where they should have went. If Manning had 1/3 of Elway's balls, he'd have about 5 rings by now, so stop with the Elway comparisons.

The offense only scored 21 points, at home. If anything, the fact that Holliday kept it close has saved Manning from further criticism, since we would have been blown out otherwise.
Espn's QBR and the NFL's passer rating are two different things.

Whatever, we can argue this till we're blue in the face, but he was our best player this season, the reason we were here, and he didn't play HORRIBLY like many are suggesting by blaming (and lots of people are directing their blame at him and thats not fair when it was a ****ty team effort.).

And the turnovers thing is starting to annoy the **** out of me. The decker pass went through his hands, he was mugged on the play, and it was a deflection.

I never fully blame QB's for their fumbles. Yes, they should be aware, but its the QB's job to look downfield. Why is the offensive line, which was terrible in the second half, getting off free? And yes, the third pick was a horrible horrible throw. And there should never have been an overtime.

I dont know that ungrateful is a word, but its the only word i can think of when i read all this ****.

I will personally continue to point to the defense as the reason we lost the game. 3 long touchdowns (one a completely fluke, epically horrible play) was the reason we lost this game. The Broncos put up 35 points. We should win any game when that happens.
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