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Chris Harris

You know when I go back and look at that play right before the end of regulation, the more I think some blame has to go to JDR. The Ravens had to score a TD, a FG does them no good. So you know they are in 4 down territory. The 3rd and 7 play where the CB plays the WR and then drops off coverage after 15 yards or so into a zone, meaning the safety has ALL the responsibility of preventing a huge play. Knowing you have a very young player who's never really been in that situation before, I'm not so sure I call that coverage. Forget the zone drop off and run that CB all the way with the WR and have your safety as the 2nd layer of defense. They had NO timeouts left. Even if they complete that pass, which would have been much harder with 2 defensive players there, they still have very little time to get a touchdown. So what if that short zone the CB would have left was open, you don't mind giving up a few small chunks. Again, no timeouts. The 1 thing you can't have is somebody beat you deep. Very bad play by Moore but I can't say that I was in love with the coverage called either. Not in that circumstance.
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