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Not the point.

AGAIN. 100 rating, 3 tds before that Flacco heave.

Also, if we're talkng about the was on a tipped pass when deck got mugged, and one should have never occured (though it was a **** throw), because the game should have been over.

he was not perfect, but would you really want someone else guiding the broncos next season? If the answer is yes, you're ****ing crazy.
It is the point.

I'm sick and tired of watching the Peyton defenders exert themselves trying desperately to move the goalposts as far as possible.

He was supposed to make this team a Super Bowl contender, that was the entire argument from the moment you idiots threw Tebow under the bus.

Manning was supposed to turn this team immediately into a Super Bowl threat, and he hasn't.

The reality is that he's incapable of winning a Super Bowl in his current state, he's not as good as Brady, or Rodgers, or even Russell Wilson at this point.

I doubt the Broncos can get a better QB than Manning at this point, but they need to start looking as soon as possible.
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