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Thunder (RIP)

Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
Like pick 6,early?

Everyone contributed to the loss from Manning to Champ to Fox and everyone else (Trindon and maybe Woody and Tamme too excluded)
Everyone definitely contributed. I cant stop thinking about this game and all the times we ****ed up and all the blame to go around.

Having said that, Manning is pretty low on the list.

Two stats (please correct me if im wrong):

1) Prior to OT, Manning had a rating of 100 and brought the Broncos on a sweet drive to go up 35-28.

2) The broncos win percentage was 97.2 percent when Flacco let go of that hail mary heave.

We lost on a fluke play. If that fluke doesnt happen, we're all praising peyton for stepping up with ****ty ass conditions.
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