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there's plenty of blame to go around and yes, the ratbirds played a fantastic game too. Flacco had nothing to lose and played like it, he throw up some lobs and the WRs made plays. Give credit to baltimore for making the plays when they had to. As for Manning, as others have said, he did not play his best game but he didn't lose the game all by himself either. The Broncos were just outplayed on both offense and defense. The Broncos defensive line did not pressure Flacco at all. It's like VonDoom dissappeared. The play where Miller was called offsides was a bad call, yes, Miller was moving but the ball was snapped and Miller was not offsides, so it was just another bad call by the refs.

I'm extremely dissappointed too, but I love the fact that Manning is the Broncos QB because I know the Broncos will be in the playoff hunt again next year. Elway played some horrendous games in the playoffs, especially in the first 3 SBs. But I always loved him as the Broncos QB because I was confident the Broncos would always have a shot at a SB championship with him. Same with Manning.
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