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Originally Posted by Mile High Mojoe View Post
It's a comment I found under Woody's op-ed this morning by a guy named Dino.

“Somewhere, Tim Tebow must have been screaming at his TV, mirroring what all Broncos fans were screaming. For all of Denver's new-found "precision passing game" and "professionalism," what was lacking was the intensity and will to win Tebow brought to the Broncos--from the lowliest special teams players on up.

So Denver spent $17 million more for a quarterback with a LOSING playoff record to replace a YOUNG, TALENTED quarterback whose biggest sin was losing to the Patriots. Where were the shots of Elway, smug and proud of his rebuilt Broncos, as he put his no-heart, no-guts, heavy favorite home show on display for all to see?

Where was Peyton, after the game? Did he face the cameras and answer the tough questions? Nope, he slithered out the back door, letting his Buick commercials do his talking for him.

Where was the Broncos' vaunted defense? Where were Miller, Dumerville, Wolfe, CHAMP and company? The only defender who played like he was playing in a PLAYOFF game was Woodyard, who played his heart out.

Sorry, 13-3, the 11 game winning streak, Peyton's high completion percentage and all those touchdown passes didn't mean much, yesterday, did they? This team underachieved when it counted most, making Joe Flacco look like the second coming of Johnny Unitas. Dan Dierdorf summed up the Broncos' offense best when talked about few quarterbacks being willing to dink and dunk all day, the way Peyton dinked and dunked.

As usual, the team most affected by the altitude was Denver, not the sea-level dwelling Ravens. All in all, my frost-bitten fingers have little good to say about this was predictable, drama-free and...well, as boring as a 4 yard bubble screen pass.

While the Ravens are teeing up a football to begin their demise against the Patriots, Fox, Manning and Elway will be teeing it up, in Kapalua, yucking it up, leaving Denver fans in the cold, wondering where the Broncos heart went. Yeah, right...there just wasn't room on their roster for #15...”
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