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Wow, this place turns on a QB faster than anything I've ever seen.

Defense gives up 38 points (31 technically) and we hate Manning. Got it.

How about unleashing our 90 mil QB when the game is on the line? That's my thought.

Manning had three mistakes...

-Pick six - was clearly PI
-Tuck rule - tuck rule?
-OT in overtime - should have never happened because the game could have ended 10 different ways if we don't step on our ***** defensively and via coaching.

Manning didn't play his best game, but you people are out of your mind bashing the guy.
If you were around for Elway's whole career, you know how ludicrous this blame the QB game is.

But, that's just the Mane being the Mane.

I can't wait for Manning to have a chance to go all the way next year, and hopefully with a more competent supporting cast.

We were 13-3. If Phillip Rivers was our QB this year, we would have been 7-9 at best.

Show some ****ing gratitude for Elway bringing in one of the best QBs in history.
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