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Originally Posted by TomServo View Post
my daughter got home from high school basketball just in time to see us lose. she asked why i wasnt all upset and cussing. i told her it was because it was manning and not elway on that last drive. as much as this game was like the loss to the jags.- total D breakdown. just like we made mark brunnel look good we made flacco look good.
manning just isnt elway w/it comes to playoff time. with the ball in our hands with just a field goal to win it and... a rookie mistake interception? after all the mistakes the broncos made, moore, bailey...manning had the game in his hands and he throws a pic.
theres a reason ol number 7 went to 5 superbowls and won two.
Perfectly said, my friend. PM gets paid 20 million a year so he can have an amazing regular season, and crap out in the playoffs. It has always been that way dating back to College, when he Never managed to win the big one. If we really expect to win a SB with him at QB, it's gonna have to be with great defense and a dominant running game. If we don't manage to get a really good RB and fill some of those holes on D, we can expect more of the same.
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