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Originally Posted by Vine View Post
You are about as much of a p***Y as Fox is when it comes to making aggressive play calls to win games.

Obviously, I am referring to the 3rd and 7, but I am also referring to other situations, such as the 3rd and 5 early in the 3rd quarter, and some 2nd downs (like the 2nd down before the 3rd and 7), or any 2nd and short situation, lets call a running play so we can get a 1st down, instead of taking a shot at more yardage.

Not just yesterday, but all the times when Denver has forfeited possessions by calling running plays on 3rd and 5 - 3rd and 12 type situations. I can recall numerous times during the season in which Manning has forfeited a possession in this manner.

Your playcalling stinks. Is it because of your age?

Time to go in a new direction, at qb. Brock Osweiler. Not that I have 100% confidence in Brock, but I am ready to see what he brings to the table.
stop acting like a stupid idiot.
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