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Peyton Hillis

Originally Posted by fwf View Post
Shut up. Our schedule was a cake walk after the Pats game.
And did you even watch the game yesterday?? Have we really come soo far??

Honestly, the WR's and TE's are the only groups considerable better then they were last season.
Shut up, good one. Man, that's brilliant.

No one controls their schedule, you play the games they tell you to play. We worked our schedule extremely well until yesterday. Improved as the season went on, swept the division, got home field advantage for the playoffs. Can't do much better than that with the schedule. Even if you go undefeated, you still just get the number one seed and home field.

Was 13-3 better than last year's 8-8. I say yes by a mile.
Did our defense look better because we extended offensive drives, scored more points, and had better time of posession? yes.
Did we finish statistically much better defensively and offensively including leading the NFl in sacks? Yes.

Did we know at the beginning of the season we still didn't have a complete roster? Absolutely. This team did an extremely good job with several "replacement parts" at key positions. With another offseason, hopefully we get more of those issues fixed.

We played a horrible game, it hurts. Our kicker ****ed up, our starting (second string) running back got injured and left us to pound the rock with a lightweight rookie. Our young free safety choked on an easy play. It happened. Don't blame that **** on Fox, it's just assinine.
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