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Peyton Hillis

Vine, you are upset, we get that.

But you are also very, very, very wrong.

I would love to tee off on your opinion, but I understand how upset you are. A critical mind and a little afterthought, and you will hopefully feel better about our progress over the past couple years (which is still continuing). Elway said we would be competitive, but i thought he looked at a three year time frame.

Manning got us to the 1 seed. Manning.
Manning's brilliant season and time of posession helped our defense take the big jump from last year, but it is still largely the same crew.
Manning made us believe we actually had a shot, and we did.

People think Osweiler is ready to take us to the playoffs? Holy **** that's just stupid. He needs a couple years to get things right.

Manning is still our best hope. Let's just fix a few more things this offseason and we will be more prepared.
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