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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
Actually, I think the loss I took the hardest was in '78 against the Cowboys in the SB. I thought we were the team of destiny that year. It was a shock. Then, there was the Montana ass-kicking in SB XXIV. I went to a SB party in California and was the only one out of about thirty people wearing the orange. Not a good day. Then there was the Jags loss. Again, I thought we were the team of destiny. Turns out, we were.

This loss didn't hurt so bad because frankly, I didn't feel really confident going in. There was a fringe of doubt that kept nagging me.

I disagree about Bailey, though. He's 34. Time to hang it up.
Ya, because there aren't any effective defensive backs at that age in this league. Good call.
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