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Chris Harris

I don't think this is a case where we were really not that good of a team. Maybe it's easier for people to swallow what happened that way but that's not what this was. This was a monster sized choke job by a very good team. I've seen many articles all over saying basically the same thing. The Broncos had balance. A great offense, a really good defense and pretty good ST's also. In those early games, we were just coming together as a team, we made some early mistakes and got down big. We came roaring back in each of those games. We were just as good talent wise. The one thing we knew back then, we are now reminded of again. Mistakes KILL you. And I'm sorry but the other thing I think eventually killed this team was Mr. Conservatism. I can understand being conservative to some degree but the kind that Fox displayed to me was such the magnitude that I think it sent shockwaves throughout the team that there play should also be conservative. How many long throws did the Broncos attempt? How many "chances" did we take?

Looking forward - I think we need some changes. We have to get better at running the ball. Love how KM bounced back this year but knew he was on borrowed time. Seems like he can't stay healthy for more then 6 games in a row. In the end, both our backs could not play when we needed them the most. Time to draft a special RB to help give this running game some oomph. I know alot of people want a Safety but I think DT is still more important. I watched how Nata just thew Kuper around yesterday and wish we had somebody like that in the middle to disrupt things. I think we could get away with moving Champ to Safety and get Porter in Champs spot.

And yes, I know this may not be popular but I'd fire McCoy. I didn't see any creative plays at all, other then the single screen to Thomas that went for a TD. It seems like every single run play was between the tackles. No stretch plays with Hillman, no screens with Hillman. I mean, the play calling was as vanilla as you could possibly get.
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