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Originally Posted by SonOfLe-loLang View Post
This argument would have merit if the broncos got blown out. It's a game we win if not for a fluke play. Baltimore is good and the game was close. Good teams play good teams close and honestly randomness and luck often decide the games. It didn't fall for us this time

If the broncos got their ass kicked, that would be one thing. But we didn't. We should have won. We are just as good as any team left out there. I one hundred percent believe it. Just didn't bounce our way this time
I get what you're saying. My point is, why does it even have to come down to that fluke play? It wasn't random. They had proven time after time the ability to connect downfield. We were pretty much outplayed the entire game. Holliday kept this game from being a blowout, really. We clearly do not play the same when it's against a good team, as opposed to the Chiefs.
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