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Originally Posted by Beantown Bronco View Post
On one play. If that one stupid, stupid play doesn't happen, nobody's saying that safety is our #1 weakness.

Much less, one game.

I am not a fan of dumping players based on one game. OM residents wanted to cut Knowshon after he fumbled early in the season. He's still a talented back, and we saw how much we missed him last night when he went out.

Our corners were bad last night, but we are forgetting that we didn't get ANY pass rush going throughout the game. We lost the game in the trenches. The OL had its worst game of the year, and I am not sure Kuper was a 100 percent for this game. Maybe he was too rusty and not back in game shape. Either way, he looked bad...getting manhandled all game by Ngata and at one point got completely destroyed on a block. I've never seen Kuper get destroyed like that, he just didn't look like himself. Kuper wasn't alone in crappy play, every one of our best players, played like dog **** and didn't show up. Everyone...couple that with conservative play calling and you lose.

I think our biggest needs are MLB, DL, OL, and also need a speedy WR to stretch the field.
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