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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by bpc View Post
1. Officiating called one of the worst games i've ever seen. It's not the sole reason for the loss but it was bad and we got screwed hard. 3rd and 1, 1st down, hold, bring it back. Non PI calls... there were too many to count. The Boldin catch? Good god. It felt like an NBA game.
2. Pressure got the best of this team especially in the coaching department. We played out our version of the 98' Vikings. Things we did in the regular season, we didn't do here. Pick any 3rd and 1 bland run call. Could have been an audible, whatever. Why have Peyton Manning if you are going to hand off to your 49th best player in Jacob Hester? Go WIN the game! The defense in particular just nutted up. The group as a whole made Flacco look like Kurt Warner. What were they doing? A lot of this falls on JDR. The troops didn't look prepared. Baltimore ran a lot of bunch plays and our guys looked lost in coverage.
3. Doom and Von disappeared. The difference between the PM Colts and the PM Broncos is that Freeney/Mooris actually stepped up in the playoffs. Doom/Von disappeared. (I thought Von had a solid game, just not great.)
4. Champ had one of his worst games as a Bronco. Awful game. Might be time to play some safety.
5. Rahim Moore. Nuff said. Blew the game. Not the only reason we lost but come on, you might as well walk off the field and make it 10 vs. 11 with how he lost focus and just drifted around. Ever heard of "Don't let the WR get behind you?" or "High Point the ball?". These things are taught in grade school pop warner leagues.
6. Manning TO's. Not sure what was going on with that but that's been the knock on Peyton and it reared it's ugly head again. The frustrated thing was the 1st INT was Decker's fault, HOWEVER, IT WAS A PI which wasn't called! The fumble came after a 3rd and 1 conversion called back by phantom holding call against Kuper. See #1.
7. Why not throw to Demaryius Thomas? 3 for 37 and he somewhat disappeared down the stretch of the season. We needed to call his number. And we didn't. And we lost. I think they go hand and hand. DT alters the coverage. Decker is a #2 WR. He takes advantage of what DT does to the lid on the coverage. Very poor game planning by Fox/McCoy/Peyton, whom ever was deciding on these plays.

Feel free to add others.
Solid List BPC, Alas, big check marks for each one!

Especially Foxy's ingrained habit of shifting once again to playing NOT TO LOSE rather than PLAYING TO WIN once we get any sort of lead in the last half of the 4th quarter!

Was really unforgivable and is Fox's Achillie's Heal as a coach that must be correct somehow, someway before he will ever win a SB.

He lacks the insight and gut feel for when to chuck his ultra conservative notions and let the Offense WIN THE DAMN GAME at the critical moment!!

I and others have complained about this frequently this season after a number of our big wins that should have been by a much more lopsided score, but his penchant for taking his foot off the gas on O and going prevent D too early usually led to scores that made the game look a lot closer than it ever was.

My problem with all this as discussed in threads after the New Orleans game, the Cincy game, Bucs game and the first Baltimore game was that even though us winning those games only reinforced his conviction in it being the right strategy, I've been afraid that habit and mind-set would really cost us in the playoffs against better teams.

Yesterday was 'Exhibit A' proving the concern!! You gotta know when to take the game over and not back-in hoping not to lose and counting that your defense will make one more stop once we have to give the ball back to an opponent with time enough to score and and only needing that one score to tie or win the game!

This isnt rocket science and the fact that Fox hasn't learned this lesson yet, indicates a stubborn 'I know best' mentality a mile wide.

I Like Fox as a HC, but somehow they have to take late game decision making and play calling out of his hands. Let him handle all the player interactions and overall concept side of things, but don't let him have a controlling say so with his finger too close to the actual pulse of any games going forward.

Fox gets that one thing right and Rahim Moore is no goat and Manning is the savior Hero he should have been at the end of regulation with no legitimate unforced turn overs on the day!

And we win the game in spite of all the bad calls throughout the game and poor secondary coverage in the first half. In spite of Manning's two regulation 'turnovers' which were both FUBARS by the refs ... the Decker mugging pick 6 TD that should never have counted and the head ref single single-handedly deciding to scrap the Tuck rule on the Manning incomplete pass/fumble that should not have been a turnover and that led dircectly to another 7 points.

That's 14 points given by the refs .. not to mention a hand ful of other terrible calls.

But if Fox steps up and seizes the Golden opportunity, none of that would have mattered and we win the game as we should have across the board!

All Foxy had too do was have the courage to tell Peyton to go for it and get two first downs at all cost with a little over 3 minutes to go instead of resorting to three 'Dive play' runs up the middle with Hillman and Hester our only options left at RB where Fox's prime objective was to run as much time off the clock as he could and then punt the ball away with hopefully not enough time for the Ravens to tie the game .. if we somehow got a first down from those dive plays then Hurrah and all the better but that was not the primary objective!

That was my biggest beef.

Plenty of other blame to go around, but Manning had a very good game overall under very difficult circumstances for a precision passing QB in the arctic cold, but Manning didn't cost us this game .. it was lost much earlier when Foxy took the foot off the gas and we could never get it going again in over time

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