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Originally Posted by SonOfLe-loLang View Post
I don't think anyone is saying don't question either. I think people are absurd to call for manning and fox's head.
Let's put it this way:

Say you have a very productive RB, but he has a fumbling problem. He's too productive to sit, so you take your chances figuring what are the chances of it actually costing you a playoff game. Then sure as day, he fumbles, costing you a game, then you question whether this guy can be trusted again.

Now say you have a HC that has a reputation for being conservative, too conservative some say, to win a Super Bowl. And say you have a QB that has a reputation for not taking what's his in the playoffs, and not playing well in the cold. Then sure as day, the HC goes too conservative, and the QB doesn't go out and take what's his, costing you a game. Then you question whether that will ever change.

That is what many are dealing with today. The concerns people had about Fox and Manning turned out to be right. Too conservative of a HC, and a QB who didn't grab the brass ring, and added to his losing record in the playoffs.

Those who fail to learn from history, as they say.
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